Black Binder

Black Binder

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This is for the Black binder ONLY, this does not include any of the insides such as the planner pages or any accessories.

This Black version of the Cake and Cookie Planner is dressed in black and stamped in Rose Gold foil with our signature "sweet days ahead".

These 2019 line of binders include some upgrades from 2018! We included larger binder rings so you can comfortably fit more in your binder. We also increased the size of the planner overall (yes, this puppy is even bigger!) so that your papers will fit nicely within. 

It features 7 rings, along with 6 pockets and 4 pen holders. 

It can hold 8.5" x 11" papers or A4, considering they have the 7 holes punched.

It measures in at: 11" x 13" x 2.50"

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