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New 2019 Colors are in for the Cake and Cookie Planners!

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I just replaced my planner with all the 2019 inserts and am so pumped! I can honestly say this was the only planner I've ever stuck with throughout the whole year - it's the best!"


"I always get compliments on my sketches (even though they're real quick). It's all thanks to your templates that make them look so good! You're a genius!!!"

Linda Carlo

"Love this planner and all the accessories! Every time I pull out the cake sketch templates and make a perfect cake in front of my clients they go crazy! They love it! It is so professional and I am ordering the 2019 inserts now!"

Jennifer Frey

Created for Sugar Artists

Whether it's cakes, cookies or cake pops... this planner is made for you.

Customizable cake sketching templates

(That will have you jumping for joy!)

Say bye-bye to chaos and HELLO to organization

(Hi organization, nice to meet you!)

Color The Stress Away

Each month has a unique floral pattern for you to color away the stresses of the day.

create cake sketches in seconds

F A Q s

We'll have inserts & additional different worksheets soon for you to customize your planner.

Yes, we will! Please note that international shipping is calculated straight from our shippers and that it is the best price we have available to us. Also note, some country collect a customs charge (UK) and can not calculate this for you.


Hey there, I'm Avalon.

Most of you know me from my online platform, Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art... where my passion is to ignite and up level your creativity and skills with cake art! My heart is in sharing what I've learned and connecting with my fellow-cake lovin' community.

I had toyed with the idea of creating a planner for cake artists for some time... however it wasn't until a student of mine said "Avalon, I would love to see a 2018 daily cake planner/calendar for sale in your store!!...Every year I dread searching for a great planner and if anyone could create a great one it would be you!!" that lit a fire under my cake-lovin' booty.

The stars began to align as I teamed up with some super amazing, skilled people that helped me bring my dream (which seemed so far fetched at the time) to a reality. Months of hashing out ideas, designing, redoing, designing again, sourcing, editing, and so much more went into the creation of this planner. And I'm so glad it did, because I love this monster and I think you will too.

We hope it becomes your new best friend... heck, your side-kick in sugar crime! And may 2018 be your best year yet.

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