About Us



The Cake and Cookie Planner brand was born out of the necessity to organize the multi-faceted chaos that comes with the business of baking. From planning our your time to sketching out your designs, we've got the tools to bring peace of mind to your custom baking business. We aim to simplify your everyday tasks so you can focus on the what really matters. We're here to help streamline the process, thus expanding your customer base, landing those ideal clients and hopefully slicing out a piece of time for yourself every once in a while!

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Cake and Cookie Planner is an Avalon Cakes Ltd. brand based out of Colorado.

Meet the Creator

Hi, I'm Avalon! You may know me from my online cake learning platform, Avalon Cakes School of Sugar Art... where my passion is to ignite and up-level my student's creativity and skills with sugar art. My heart lives for sharing what I've learned and connecting with my fellow sugar loving community!

The Cake and Cookie Planner line was created as a result of my own personal chaotic daily experiences working in the sugar world. However, it wasn't until one of my students said "Avalon, I would love to see a 2018 daily cake planner/calendar for sale in your store!!...Every year I dread searching for a great planner and if anyone could create a great one it would be you!!" that lit a fire under me to make the ideas a reality. 


I believe we're all capable of thriving in this sweet world, you just need some systems and tools to help you stream line your process. My hope is that these tools and systems give you that peace of mind in your daily cake grind!