Extended Use License for Digital Resources

This license allows you to:

  • Use resources within personal and/or contracted client projects.
  • Use resources in multiple projects.
  • Use resources to create a free or paid "end product".

But you...

  • CAN NOT redistribute, sublicense, share, transfer brushes or stamps resources.
  • CAN NOT duplicate/rename/modify the brushes/stamps for reselling/sharing purposes.
  • CAN NOT resell resources as digital stock images/downloads.

And remember...

  • The brushes/fonts can only be installed on devices owned by you.
  • You can always share your finished sketches on your website or social media (we always enjoy being tagged in social media, but it's not required)

"End Product" - An original design, where you have taken the resources to combine and create something that is a unique and "wider design".


If you have any questions about how you can use our resources, please feel free to reach out directly by contacting us here!